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v=x Dw J9F0CGAc -Japanese Radio Interview Jaejoong: Yunho, yes, ah, the first time I saw Yunho, he had a lot of charisma. -SBS LIVE SHOWThey are talking about JAejoong acting his role as a girl on VACATION with passion. " And I said "No, that's Jae Joong" (not girlfriend but boyfriend ^^) -Mnet Top 10 prettiest korean malevid: -The start of Jaejoong jealousy out of Yun Hae (yunho donghae)vids: Yunho and JAejoong were both trying to reach for the phone but Chang Min stood up and started talking about it. Then Jae stood up as well to grab the phone of Min's hand. I Love U (in english) *laughs*Jae Joong: I love you Yunho~ *do the arm-heart thing* I love you~~~ *blush* -Super Viking Jealousy Yunho jealous at Super Viking when Jae hugged another man.vid: JJ: Yes.' -Yunho fanning Jae SKY PV Shootpic: [GIF] -Yahoo! Jaejoong: Yunho, [places hand on Yunho's thigh] Tohoshinki's leader, is like the father of the band. tell us the truth, you are going out, aren't you? -Love In The Ice in Osaka Seoul Power w/ Jae Ho Duetpic: Blurred Min in between Jae Hovid w/ eng sub: v=II7A9g K0Fgo -Peace15 -SM Management talks about DBSK Yun Jae CUT==Yunho Yunho plays it tough in front of others, but there are times it's hard for him to hold back his emotions, behind the glam, he's a very sensitive, passionate guy, not after they debuted, once I saw Yunho cry, it was in a small room, his back was facing the door so I didn't see his face, but I saw his shoulders shiver, the members were around him. Of course, he is still very charismatic now, but at the time, he really had a lot of charisma. *fans go wild*Jaejoong: I always feel that his whole being emits an air of charisma, it's a bit scary, but I really like that kind of feeling. v=jk VGbinq TP0&NRYunho chose Jaejoong and Jaejoong chose Yunho. You can't see them with your eyes but you can see them with your heart, U-know~~!! When times passes and its our 30th and 40th birthday, we have to show our appearance~^^ All of us together~ The sulky Kim Youngwoong Jaejoong that Uknow thinks of. Why I could not find such happiness in my life Now I know.. Jae got his phone and he looks at Yunho who looks back at him. v=w0_a_5k Ve6M -Yokohama Asian Groove JJ: In a girl's appearance, well, I also won't trust myself participating in Tohoshinki's activities...*laughs* Really. [fingers start playing on Yunho's leg]Host: Father?! [fingers continue to play with Yunho's leg]Host: Mama, Papa? Jaejoong: [smiles and places hand on Yunho's shoulder] He's just like a dad. -Jealous "O" MV making Yunho messing with a backup dancer and everyone finds it amusing except for one...pic: -Radio Show Yunho to Jae: I don't like you. Changmin gave him tissues and Jaejoong was holding his hand and comforting him. v=DARy Lgp_he0 -Malaysia Concert Rehearsalvideo: Yun Ho hiting Jaejoong lovingly -Beijing Cyworld Charity Concertpictures: Ho signed a marriage-paper from Baidufans*the marriage paper is in Chines which also have the translation in Korean*image: sleeping in the car with JAejoong *tired* Mate Tattoos proven to be false! v=e EUw6s Wy GYI -UFO Reply*about the current voting for the best leader... I just found this pic, around by the end of April and early May 2012, so Yunjae have new couple ring?make sure you check this link next time , because every time I get new pic of YJ couple ring I will added in this post.) or simply U-Know, is a South Korean singer, actor, and a member of the pop duo TVXQ. After over two years of training, Yunho debuted with TVXQ in December 2003.

- This last week, some people are talking about some pictures of you with a ring like the ring of Kim Jae Joong, then that maybe this is at your finger. On 8th June, YJ were at the same airport ( Incheon) and the time is so near.

Well done Sir, I adore you appearance on the screen if only the camera man focused better in Protect The Boss but when they di the screen lit up anad so did my heart. ♡♥ I feel so good to meet you here again and still support your work. Wishing you walk on the way of music with happiness, I hope. It is now September and Micky and Junsu is already in the Military, too. We are so depress can't listen to Kim Jae Joong's songs or voice, and we play our favorite songs over and over, but not the same. God blessed him with soooo much talent, its ridiculous! I cant forget a pitiful guy introducing his girl to his father in the movie. But when I heard your songs in 2015 Feb, I found how beautiful you are!!

Your a great all round actor but I do hope you get a great first lady to be romantic with in a drama or a movie. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 (From a fan in Thailand.) I miss u oppa:'(wait for you comeback from millitary! assured that he already got enough rest after coming back, I hope that there'd be a new song and a drama! I feel the sadness with his fans and even himself, but we know you are doing a good job, when duty calls, we are proud of you guys. Two years seems like way too long to have to go without seeing JJ.

of ‘R2B: Return to Base wearing YJ couple ring., Actually both Yunho and Jaejoong are in VIP list invitation, but we can see only Jaejoong, of course it is impossible Yunjae meet here, there will be a big scream if Yunjae meet in public happened.

I'm no so into him during Triangle, but I totally fall in love when watching him in Manhole!!! I would say he is one of the best looking men in Korea.

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