Ideas for christian dating couples

Can you picture new plants fighting their way to the surface, tiny flowers dotting the garden, or maybe the gentle rains and occasional storms?

Everything in spring is fresh and new and exciting.

Just as spring is a time for new things to grow and blossom, so is the spring time of a marriage a time for new love to grow and put down roots.

According to the book , this two year period of spring in a marriage is time for a couple to mold into one family. Alarmingly hot days often sap our strength and challenge our attitudes. In the summer of our marriages, life heats up and we learn what realistic love is.

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When you think of the season of spring, what comes to mind?

Here is a list of free or nearly free ideas to make your dating a pure pleasure: 1.

Have a candle light picnic in an unusual location, like your rooftop, a park bench or over looking the ocean. Go on a photo date where you snap photos of each other all over the city. ." Then count the ways you enjoy loving each other. Write a song or a poem and perform it for the one you love.

If finances permit it, take them to a one hour developing location. Write clues on dime-store Valentines and place them around town, then take your love on a car rally or treasure hunt. Robert and Elizabeth Browning's works are a nice place to begin.

The tender new love is transformed by the heat of hectic lifestyles, building careers, and having children.

The heat of the summer of marriage is where the rubber meets the road.

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With the use of modern technology, people can date via telephone or computer or meet in person.

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