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It’s almost that time of year again–not Black Friday, but the day before.

You know, the time where families share laughs over a Turkey missing a head and other delicious fixings we love to devour on Thanksgiving.

The yellow one conveys the video image, the red one conveys the right-hand audio signal and the white one conveys the left-hand audio signal .

The jacks in the VCR are small and round and will be color coded to correspond to the three RCA cables.

Their slogan is bonkers Because you see, our moms, aunts, cousins, friends and other ladies are not enough to deal with that Careem also decided to join this band wagon to make a difference.

Careem will be the savior of all the single men and women.

High-end TVs may have multiple sets of RCA cable jacks. Just be sure you note which set you intend to use, so you can tune the TV to them when you're done.

However, if you do have a Mac or PC, synchronizing (or matching the information on) your i Phone with your computer is easy.

It would be okay if these people didn’t make you want to scream every year, but we all know nothing will change but the year.

So get your mind right and ready for these 14 interesting characters you might see on Thanksgiving day.

VCRs can be hooked up to a digital TV the same way they can be hooked up to an ordinary TV.

The only downside is that they can't send a signal with the same level of clarity that a modern DVR or DVD player can.

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