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From Will Barack Obama Join ‘Jewiest’ Country Club in Washington? Politico’s Mike Allen wrote that “the smart money” is on Woodmont Country Club in Rockville, Maryland. “How cool is it that the first African American president of the United States may well be joining a country club originally established because Jews couldn’t get in anywhere else? Today, the club sits on nearly 460 acres in Rockville, where members can golf, swim and play tennis after full member initiation fees of ,000. Woodmont’s courses were designed by Alfred Tull, an obscure but competent golf course architect.

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"For a bewildered child," Sen remembers, "the violence of identity was extraordinarily hard to grasp." And, he confesses, "it is not particularly easy even for a still bewildered elderly adult."Sen's book argues for the reasonableness of that bewilderment.

He takes aim at what he calls the " 'solitarist' approach to human identity, which sees human beings as members of exactly one group." This view, he argues, is not just morally undesirable, but descriptively wrong. he is not only a Hutu, but also a Kigalian, a Rwandan, an African, a laborer and a human being." The originality of this critique is that it eschews trite appeals to the common humanity of those in savage conflict.

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