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[email protected] is here to bring women 40 - 50 and beyond together with the core values of Compassion, Empowerment, Community, Fun and Gratitude.Our vision is to build a vibrant, global community that inspires, educates and empowers Baby Boomer women through compassionate relationships with each other on the journey of personal development.Provide the youth with opportunities of reflection against themselves and their relationships with others, facilitating processes of change in attitude and personal work that will strengthen their self-esteem, creating healthy interpersonal relationships, and promote decision making in a responsible manner that could lead to a harmonious life for the youth and their environment.Self-Improvement · Professional Development · Life Transformation · Spirituality · Wellness · Fun Times · Spiritual Growth · Women's Empowerment · Learning · Eating, Drinking, Talking, Laughing, Etc · People Helping People · Self Exploration · Creativity · Self-Empowerment · Knowledge Sharing Are you a women 40 plus - 50 who is wanting to connect with other women your age and have the opportunity to continue growing personally? This meetup group is the portal to the [email protected] membership which you must join by going to Intended Audience: Program Directors, Faculty, Academic Administrators, and Administrative Staff from Accredited and/or Developing Programs.This workshop is held on days two and three of the Accreditation Department Workshops, from am– pm both days.

Im November 2015 wurde zu einem Speed-dating Workshop eingeladen, um Vertreter aus unterschiedlichsten Stadt- und Bezirksverwaltungen mit Vertretern aus dem Quartier zu vernetzen und zukünftige Formen der Zusammenarbeit abzustimmen.

The purpose of the DPW is to inform institutional representatives about CAPTE’s process, the requirements for developing a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant education program, and minimum expectations for achieving Candidate for Accreditation status.

The content of this workshop will focus on CAPTE’s rules and procedures, and developing an Application for Candidacy, but will not provide an in-depth review of CAPTE’s Standards and Required Elements. The Program Director and at least one appropriate representative of the institution must attend an entire Developing Program Workshop prior to submission of the Application for Candidacy.

We will only be running Introductory Evenings through this meetup and all other events will be sent to you when you register on our website. If you are not living your life to the fullest, when will you start?

Right now I hope, join us for fun and explore what you need to be FABULOUS AT 50 together.

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